Commercial Propane keeps your business running efficiently, productively and profitably.

Schools, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and many other businesses in the Upper Peninsula turn to Autore Oil for the propane they need to keep teaching, keep cooking, and keep heating rooms.

And, why not?

They deliver the best—and so do we!

Our commercial propane customers trust Autore Oil & Propane for:

  • Reliable supply, thanks to our national supply resources
  • An assurance of safety in addition to an excellent safety track record
  • Convenient service when you need it, around the clock, 24/7 – 365
  • Flexible pricing options that include volume discounts
  • A dedicated, experienced team ready to serve your commercial propane needs
  • A variety of quality products to meet all of your propane and other fuel needs

Increase profits by reducing overhead. Contact Autore Oil & Propane today!

For more details about propane, download our Safety Data Sheet.
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How can propane help your business?

Winter storms that knock out electricity won’t knock out your propane, since it’s on site. Use propane to:

  • Heat hot water
  • Cook your food
  • Heat your office
  • Power your equipment, like mowers and forklifts
  • Provide back-up power in an emergency

Visit our showroom for a whole host of products that run on propane!

When you're looking for the best in propane service, call Autore: 800-643-1823

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